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Whether you are managing your property yourself or having it managed by another agency, employing Morrison Kleeman is easy. It is a common mis-understanding that you cannot change agents or employ an agency while the property is already being rented. But you can! Simply refer to the information below to find out how you can employ Morrison Kleeman to make your life easier.

Is your property being managed by another agency? Are you sure you should be doing that?

Tired of not receiving the service you deserve (and pay for) or think it is time for a change? You can do something about it, it's simple and you don't have to wait for the lease to expire!

Simply follow these four easy steps, and you will be experiencing our exceptional property management service very soon!

  • Check to ensure the 'Exclusive Management Authority' with your current agent has expired (this is the contract you signed when you first employed the agency and the expiry date is usually listed on the 2nd page of the authority), if the authority has expired, proceed to step two.
  • Contact our office and we will send you an 'Exclusive Management Authority' to sign.
  • Once signed Authority is received, we will contact your current agent for you and arrange the transfer.
  • Relax, and let us give you a service that will exceed all of your expectations.

Are you currently managing your own property?

It's ok, we understand that there are some perceived benefits to managing your own property, we also appreciate that circumstances change and it may have all become too much.

We would delighted to have the opportunity to show you how our service can reduce your stress, save you money, improve the return on your investment.

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